Haier Thermocool Large Size Standing Gas Cooker | TEC CKR STD D MADAME 904G1E OG-9841 INX

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3D Turbo Burner Special 3-Directional Flame Burner, suitable for cooking tough food faster. Flame Guard Oven is equipped with unique flame guard to shut off gas supply if flame goes out without user’s knowledge. Energy Saving Oven Oven is equipped with robust insulation to effectively refrain for faster cooking. Double Safety Knobs;Ensures user’s safety always Anti Slip Wide Grid Superior pot grip during cooking, long lasting and more safety. Double Rotisseire Turnspit More grilling an


4 Gas, 1 Elect Burners, Heat Resistant Double Glass Removable Oven Door, Inox Body, 2 Oven Lights.


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