Haier Thermocool 2Door Dcool HRF 280 LUX Ex R6 Refrigerator

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4 Days Cooling Retention This unit can keep food items frozen for over 100 hours after power outage. The fridge’s Big Evaporator allows for better cooling efficiency, which encourages faster and uniform cooling. Has Super Cooling intelligent function that can be used to cool large quantities of food in your refrigerator.


Large Family Size Refrigerator 5 Way cooling system giving super fast cooling. Deep freezing (-30oC) giving 100 Hours freezing retention. 15% Bigger Freezer Space for more storage. Toughened Glass shelves to withstand up to 150kg weight. Easy-slide fresh food storage with pull-out convenience. Fully-insulated doors prevent cold-air escape. Spill-resistance glass shelve. Double Doors. Pentacool.


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