Bruhm Standing Cooker Burner Black 4 Gas 60*60 Bgc 6640g2

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The BRUHM 4 Gas Burner Cooker -BGC-6640G2 Back is ideal for cooking all kinds of food while its oven has the capacity to bake things like lasagna, cakes, pastries, pies and every other thing you can think of. It comes with an automatic cut-off timer that allows you set the time on whatever you put into the oven. Say goodbye to burnt chickens and pies.


Auto-Ignition, 4 Gas Cooker, Dimension 615*635*885, 60X60, Silver painted Body, Push Button Ignition, Glass cover Enamel Pan Support, Oven, Eco Euro Pool Burner, Gas Grill, Oven interior light, Easy-cleaning oven.


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