Beko Chest Freezer RE-BCF-3212 GUK-319LTR

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RE-BCF-3212 GUK-319LTR Chest Freezer from Beko is ideal when extra freezer space is needed at home or if you’re storing bigger items, such as large joints of meat. Its lockable and spring loaded lid ensures that your food is kept frozen. It has a sleek, utilitarian and ergonomic design and will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. With an A+ Energy Efficiency, it consumes up to 20% less energy than an identical A freezer.


Cooling Type: Static, Product Color: White, Total Gross Volume (lt):295, Freezer Net Volume (lt):294, Product Dimensions (DxWxH, cm):62.35 x 110.0 x 76.0, Defrost: Manual, Multimode Control Panel, Door Lock, Aluminum Interior, Plastic Basket :2, MinFrost™.


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