Beko Built in oven, 60 cm - BIR16100XOS

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Beko Built in oven ,60 cm, removable inner glass - BIR16100XOS Finally, you can get your cakes to rise perfectly evenly. Surf ovens blow hot air from the side walls and the back to ensure that you get the same cooking temperature throughout the cavity. The controlled air circulation also allows cooking on multiple levels at the same time, without the flavors mixing. So, everything’s cooked to perfection whatever level you’re cooking on.


Beko 60cm, Multifunction Oven, Stainless Steel Inox, Dimensions: 595mm (H) x 594mm (W) x 567mm (D), Mechanical Timer, Inox Handle, Removable Inner Glass, 100mm Control Panel, Fan Assisted Cooking, Electric Grill, Accessories: Standard Tray, Deep Tray, Metal Rack.


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