Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Plates

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Make delicious, hot, Belgian style waffles at home with the Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker machine. The Volcano Waffle maker features a sloped design that cook your waffle mix from the bottom up, like lava rising up the volcano’s centre and making a tasty waffle cone. The 700W electric waffle maker heats up quickly and cooks each waffle in under 5 mins. Cook large batches to freeze and reheat, or just have a fun waffle party.


This cool waffle maker has a secure lid with a strong clip to prevent leaks, whilst the funnel stops your mix overflowing - it just bubbles up like a volcano. We’ve also included a measuring cup so you add the right amount of batter each time. Each waffle made by this machine is an extra large 18cm in diameter and up to 2cm thick. It can also be separated into 4 individual triangle shaped waffles so there’s plenty to share around or just to make your own, single, generous portion.


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