Andrew James Food Flavour and Marinade Injector

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The Andrew James Meat Injector is an essential tool for the kitchen. It is a fantastic way to add flavour to your meat, letting you inject the marinade directly into the muscle tissue of the meat which means it won’t be washed away when you baste the meat or by the fat released during frying. Perfect for Turkey, Chicken and Pork, it also has the extra benefit of keeping meat moist and tender when you use it to inject butter or sauces.


Food Grade Stainless Steel - Made from high quality food grade stainless steel, this marinade injector is safe to use for all your cooking needs. Two Needle Sizes - The meat injector comes with two interchangeable needles so you can choose between a narrow or wider opening for different types of meat. Each needle is 9cm long. Soft Touch Handle - Easy and comfortable to use with an ergonomic soft touch handle that gives you superb grip and precision handling. 1.5 Ounce Capacity - Holds enou


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