Andrew James Digital Food Dehydrator with 6 Trays

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The Andrew James Digital Food Dehydrator is the fast and easy way to make delicious healthy and natural snacks like banana chips, fruit roll ups, fruit leathers and beef jerky. Using a dehydration machine allows the food to retain the full flavour and nutrients. This 6 tier dehydrator machine has a superior air circulation which generates and means food is uniformly dried, with no need to rotate trays halfway through dehydrating.


A food dehydrator is an everyday essential kitchen appliance if you love healthy natural snacks. The 6 tiers allows you to spread your snacks out and get more done in one batch. To use the machine simply add your food to the tray and set the adjustable digital thermostat between 40-70°C for your desired period of time up to 48 hours. With six spacious drying layers, there is enough capacity to hold large quantities of food easily. The dehydrator is ideal for meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, he


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