Andrew James 5.2L Multi-functional Cake And Food Mixer

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The Andrew James 5.2 litre Food Mixer is an invaluable appliance for the modern day kitchen. Ideal for serious bakers and keen amateurs alike, the sheer versatility of the stand mixer will ensure it is used frequently, to mix all kinds of foods and create all your home baking favourites. Cookies, meringues, scones, cupcakes, Christmas cakes, bread dough and whipped creams can all be produced with ease using the stand mixer. It can also mix foods such as homemade sauces, dips and mayonnaise etc.


Dough hook: For mixing dough and heavy cake mixes. Flexible Beater Blade: For sticky mixtures that tend to stick to the side of the bowl. The flexible blade sweeps the bowl making sure all the ingredients are incorporated in your mixture. Aluminium Beater Blade: For foods such as cake mixes and batters -Balloon Whisk: For whisking egg whites and creams The mixer also comes with a handy free spatula made of non-stick silicone, which is ideal for scraping down the mixing bowl and removing


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