Amaz Portable Party Bluetooth Speaker Al1504 - 15 Inch

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A modern day megaphone with a self-contained portable PA system, with a rugged, roadworthy construction and a host of integrated features. Built-in amplifier operating from mains or internal rechargeable battery powers a 15" bass driver and 1" compression driven. A pair of included VHF handheld wireless microphones work in conjunction with the internal receiver, two standard 'wired' microphones can also be plugged in giving the user a total of four microphones.


Echo effect for microphones. 2 x VHF handheld microphones included. Integral USB/SD media player. Mains/rechargeable operation. Rugged ABS case. Power supply: 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz / external 12Vdc / internal battery. Battery life: Up to 8 hours. Controls: Mic volume, Echo, Bass, Treble, Volume & VHF mic volumes. Inputs: 2 x Mic and 1 Aux. Version 15". Package Includes: Two wireless handheld microphones. Portable Movable PA System. Infrared remote control.


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