Ac Guard Avs 15amps Surge Protector

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This AC-GUARD AVS 15AMPs ,offers affordable protection to a wide-range of appliances. Most especially your AC,It protects from Power Fluctuations, Surges, Sags and Power back Surges, keeping appliances safe. It also eliminates the need to turn off your appliances everytime there is a power surge. voltage capability is 3000w with a wait time of 10seconds.


Protects your valued appliances and devices against Over‎-voltage‎;‎ Power‎-back surges‎;‎ Dangerous electric surges and voltage spikes‎, Current rating‎:‎ 13Amps, Nominal Voltage‎:‎ 230 Volts, Low Voltage -150v, High Voltage -250v, Wait time‎ 5 ‎-seconds, Disconnect Voltage‎:‎ 260Volts, Voltage capacity -3000w, Frequency 50/60hz.


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